{Working} How to Make Invisible Name Facebook Account? Check Step by Step


How to Make Invisible Name Facebook Account? Check Step by Step

Facebook Account: How to Make Invisible Name Facebook Account, How to Create Invisible Name Facebook account or Nameless FB Account.
As We Know that Facebook is a world’s Great and most used online Company, Facebook has a Big number of services and features for Facebook users. Online Community Facebook has been adding new features and other things such as Facebook Reactions for posts. As Facebook is a Big social networking site, Users like me always Look for the tricks. There are Many Kind Of Tricks such as How to Create FB Account without Mobile NumberHow to Create Facebook Group without Name? etc. Just Search On Google.
Facebook Account
How to Make Invisible Name Facebook Account
There are Many Social Media tricks available here on FullNFinal.in under Tricks tab Including Social Tricks as well. Coming to the Main Point i.e. “How to Create Invisible Name Facebook Account ?”. There may be Many reasons behind Creating Invisible Name Facebook Account. That may be for fun or to hide your identity or Other Things. It is very Simple to Make Invisible Name Facebook Account.
You Should have Opera Mini browser to Create Invisible Name Facebook Id. This trick has been tested by us and is working 100% on Opera Mini browser. So, FullNFinal Page is giving suggestion you to try this on opera mini. To Know How to Make Invisible Name Facebook profile, Just follow the Instruction Below.

How to Make Invisible Name Facebook Account / Profile?

  • Download Hola VPN App For Android.
  • Set Country to Indonesia.
  • Go to this link Facebook Mobile Version Site.
  • Then go to Account Setting > General > language > Select Bahasa Indonesia.
  • Go to your browser setting, set following Proxy and Port­ or
  • Now SAVE whole settings.
  • Go to Name Change Settings Under General & Click on Name (Nama).
  • Copy Characters i.e. ( ՙՙ ) or ( ٌٍٍِّّْ )
  • Now, Paste Copied Character in First Name ((remove the ‘k’ letters) & Click Save.
  • That’s it. Now Confirm your Password & Save it.
Note: Don’t Forget to Change Language Back to English (US)
=Donot Forget to Change Language Back to English (US)
=This Method is only for Educational Purposes.
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