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Dussehra/ Dasara is one of the greatest festival that people celebrate in India as well as in numerous other countries. For example, people celebrate this festival in the USA, Australia, The UK, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and in other countries. This festival is the celebration of Ayudha pooja as per the Indian mythology. All the Hindus devotees worship and do pooja to Durga Maa on the occasion of Dussehra.

Each and every Indian out there trusts the tradition and celebrate this auspicious festival across the globe. This is because of the pure devotion towards the Goddess Durga. With utmost devotion, people of Hindu religion worship goddess Durga. This continues for a total period of 10 days. During these 10 days, we see Durga Maa in a total of 10 different avatar’s.

To go with this Dussehra festival, Hindu mythology says that there are 2 stories. One is where people celebrate the festival as the token of Ram’s victory against Ravana. While the second one is Durga Maa’s triumph against the fierce some Mahishasura. Whatever is the reason behind the festival, people celebrate this festival with utmost respect towards the Durga Maa. Not only in the villages, in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad people show pure devotion to Durga Maa.

Nine Forms of Goddess Durga :
Shailaputri Maa – its meaning is the daughter of the mountains.
Brahmacharini – Meaning Brhmcharini
Chandraghanta – meaning Durga Maa glows like the moon.
Kushmanda – meaning the whole world is in her (Durga) legs.
Skandamata – meaning the mother of Karthik Swami
Katyayani – meaning to have birth in Katyayana ashram
Kaalratri – to destroy the Kaal
Maha Gauri – its meaning mother of White.
Siddhidatri – The meaning of all that accomplishment.
Navadurga in the tenth & main avatar of the Goddess Durga Maa. While one of the important place where people celebrate that this festival to the fullest is Gujarat. In Gujarat, Navratri Festival is incomplete without Dandiya and Garba. This Dance form is the life of Gujarat. People play, sing together all the night during these 9 days. This festival celebrated with full excitement & joy in Eastern part of the country, Kolkata. Furthermore, People in this part of the country celebrate this festival to the fullest. Durga Maa Pooja is the famous festival in West Bengal. We wish from the bottom of our hearts to one and all a very happy and prosperous Dussehra (Dasara).

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